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In response to our new ONLINE format:

We have really enjoyed getting to participate daily in music! It is a big part of our routine, and we love seeing you both every day! Thank you!
Online classes

We have enjoyed being able to make music together at home and appreciate all the time and effort Ms. Angela and Ms. Nicole have put into making classes available. 

Online classes

We engage with either a class, the playlists (on phone), and/ or the books everyday. Our child sings the songs and asks us to sing them to her daily. It is such a beloved, fun and useful way to play with, teach and entertain our girls, especially our 2 year old. It is ESPECIALLY a gift to have at home when so much is off limits too! Thank you!!!

Online classes

"We love that the whole family can go to an evening class together."

"Of all the classes we take, the Music Together class is our favorite."

"My children love the Music Together CDs. We listen to them all the time."

"I appreciate being able to bring all of my children to the same class."

Music Together Families