Porch Playalong

Angela Schmidt
Music Together® Online (location info)
Mon - Fri, By Appointment
09/21/20 (1 week)

Porch Playalong is an "add on" option for families who are registered for a mixed age Music Together class or a Rhythm Kids class for the Fall 2020 session. During this time of online classes and distancing to ensure that we all stay safe and well, we recognize that you might love the opportunity to make Music Together LIVE and in person. If you choose the Porch Playalong option, your family would enjoy one scheduled, physically distanced 20-25 minute Music Together or Rhythm Kids session on your porch, deck or in your yard or driveway. It could be held anywhere that participants could be safely distanced and would be scheduled at your convenience during the 10 week fall session. The cost for this add on is $25 for one family. If you have friends who are also enrolled for the fall session and you are comfortable sharing the Porch Playalong with them, the cost for 2 - 4 families in the same location would be $40. The host family would be responsible for inviting the other families and informing Hand in Hand Music of the families' names who will be attending. Proper distancing guidelines will be required for all who are participating.